Judicial review of measures of a general nature

A measure of a general nature is a new type of decision-making by administrative authorities, introduced into the Czech legal system by law no. 500/2004 Coll., Code of Administrative Procedure, and modelled on the "Allgemeinverfügung", existing in the Germanic legal culture (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). A typical example of this measure is an administrative act imposing an obligation on a group of individuals.

Regional courts are competent to hear direct actions challenging the validity of an entire measure or specified provisions thereof. They are entitled to review whether, in adopting the measure of general nature, an administrative authority acted ultra vires and whether the procedure leading up to the adoption of the measure was duly followed. The Supreme Administrative Court has the competence to decide on cassation complaints against these decisions of regional courts on the measures of a general nature (section 110 of the Code of Administrative Justice).